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Home or Office, planning an event is about more than good food. At Calhoun's we're dedicated to providing you with all of your party needs- the one's you've thought of, and those small details you may have missed. Having such a large range of clients, we understand the importance of event and menu customization. Whether it be your next backyard BBQ, a cocktail reception, or your weekly office luncheon, we'll create a menu and experience designed just for you. We promise to deliver a culinary affair that will leave you and your guests craving more.


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Rental Equipment

Need the buffet space? Or Seating for your group?

Calhoun's can provide tables, chairs, flooring, outdoor shelters, portable heating and many other accessories that could prove to make your event a success.

Rental fees apply. Calhoun's only charges a 20% handling fee.

** Please note that there may be circumstances where your rental equipment does not fit in a Calhoun's Catering Van. In this case, delivery fees may apply.

Please call the office for an estimate at 604-732-7062.


Whether it be grilling your burgers, pouring your wine, or cleaning up after your co workers, Calhoun's professional and friendly staff are available for hire to help with your next event. Please contact the office for our recommendations on staffing needs for your function.

Bartenders(Serving It Right certified) $22 hr.
Food Service Staff $20 hr.
On site Chef (Food Safe certified) $22 hr.
Supervisors $22 hr.


Party Supplies

The Sky is the limit!

Balloons, Party Games, Costumes, cotton candy machines, ice sculptures; these are just a few of the things we are able to organize to make your party a hit!

7 days notice is needed to supply these items.

Rental fees apply. Calhoun's only charges a 20% handling fee.


It's true that presentation is very important. The difference a tablecloth can make on a buffet table is significant. We can supply these for you in a wide selection of colours to go with your theme and pallet. Holiday colours, or your birthday boy's favourite green- let Calhoun's spruce up your event with custom linens.

Rental Fees apply. Calhoun's only charges a 20% handling fee.


Terrific centerpieces are a lot like great guests. They add a vibrancy to the room, attract the eye, and spark interesting conversations. Whether it be an extravagant centerpiece to compliment your table, or fragrant garland for your holiday party, Calhoun's can source and deliver your perfect arrangement.

Prices are seasonal and can vary. Calhoun's only charges a 20% handling fee. Please call the office for an estimate.


Picking a venue can be vital in your events success. Calhoun's caters all over the city, and has had the opportunity to work in some of the finest venues in the area. We also know how to turn a family's backyard into party central, so give us a call for some ideas.

The following is a sampling of locations for your event. If this list isn't showing your favorite spot, don't be discouraged. We will deliver your delicious food, gorgeous d├ęcor and friendly staff to wherever you should choose.