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Boulangerie Sandwich - Meat

Our Specialty sandwiches are made on freshly baked Foccacia, Croissants, and Baguettes. They are cut in half with your choice of fillings: Black ..


Gluten Free Sandwich - Meat

Gluten Free Sandwich with Meat fillings. Served on a Gluten Free Rice Bagel Black forest ham & swiss Roasted pesto chicken Roast beef..


Standard Sandwich - Meat

Our famous sandwich served on 9 grain or sourdough and cut in half, with any of the following fillings: Black forest ham & swiss Roasted pe..


The Burger Fest BBQ

Hormone Free, Zero Antibiotics 100% natural 5oz Beef Burgers, Chicken Breast, and Veggie Burgers Served with cheese, onions, pickles, tomatoes, let..


The Smoky Doggy BBQ

Jumbo Hot Dogs, Smokies and Veggie Hot Dogs Served with cheese, onions, pickles, lettuce, ketchup, relish, mayo, mustard on our 8 inche hot dog buns ..


Vietnamese Salad Rolls (dozen)

Rice paper filled with shrimp, veggies, rice noodles, and a hoisin mayonnaise..


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