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Boulangerie Sandwich - Meat

Our Specialty sandwiches are made on freshly baked Foccacia, Croissants, and Baguettes. They are cut in half with your choice of fillings:
  • Black forest ham & swiss
  • Roasted pesto chicken
  • Roast beef with swiss or cheddar
  • Breast of turkey with swiss or cheddar
  • Chicken salad with apple & fresh basil.
  • Shaved pastrami, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & swiss cheese with honey mustard mayonnaise.
  • Meatloaf garnished with caramelized onions, monterrey jack cheese, tomato slices, mesclun leaves and ketchup.
  • Roast beef, blue cheese, caramlized onions, cucumbers, tangy horseradish cream and watercress.
  • Egg Salad
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