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Pure butter pastry filled with apple compote..


Assortment of mini chocolate croissant, mini cinnamon swirl, mini apple turnover, and mini butter croissant...


Assortment of almond, apricot, and hazelnut mini croissants..


A variety of bagels are available, all baked fresh on-site...


Crispy crust surrounds soft and fluffy banana goodness...


Just like banana bread, with a giant chocolate chip !..


Gooey homemade cinnamon buns, generously coated with our own cream cheese icing...


Crispy, fresh-baked croissant filled with breakfast ham and melted cheese...


Light and crispy croissant with melted feta and fresh spinach filling...


Fresh-baked, crispy croissants with Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Orange Jams...


Devilled Egg Open faced (2 halves)..


Danish with variety of fresh seasonal fruits...


A variety of fresh seasonal fruit...


Delicious fresh seasonal fruit, skewered!..


Gluten Free Bagel with Jam..


Gluten Free Double Chocolate or Blueberry Muffin..


House made granola- served with Yogurt..


12 miniature buttered pastry filled with a delicious apple compote..


12 miniature pure buttered croissants which is perfect for a small afternoon snack!..


12 miniature buttered chocolate croissants..


12 delicious buttered pastry filled with raisins and cream..


Assortment of: Blueberry BranPeachZucchini WalnutMorning GloryCranberry OrangeBerry StreuselChocolate Banana Muffins..


Assortment of Blueberry, Raspberry, Chocolate and Cheese...


Freshly-baked bagels topped with tender smoked salmon and cream cheese and garnished with lemon and capers...



Assorted vanilla, fruit and low fat flavours..


Yogurt Parfait - Yogurt and granola layered in a cup..


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