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  1. What is the difference between choosing Cheque payment method and Credit Card payment method?

    Website Orders:
    With the Cheque payment method, your invoice will be available for you to view or download through Calhoun’s website after you log-in. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Catering department at 604-737-7062, or through email at

    Choosing the Credit Card payment method means that one of our catering staff members will personally contact you through the provided contact number. This will ensure a higher degree of security, and give the customer an opportunity to clarify any questions or concerns they have regarding their order.

    Email / Phone Orders:
    There are 2 methods of payment available:
    1. Invoicing – The invoice will be emailed out to the registered email address one business day after the event. Please refer to the next section for more detail.
    2. Credit Card – The customer can provide us with a credit card number over the phone. Charges will then be incurred one or two business days after the function date.

    * Payment for all invoices are due immediately after the function date.

  2. When will my invoice for my order arrive in my registered email address?

    For all web orders, there will be no invoices sent out to the registered email address. A copy of the invoice will be available for your viewing or downloading on Calhoun’s Ordering page after you log-in.

    Orders made over the phone or emailed to us will have their invoices sent one business day after the delivery date, with the exception of weekend deliveries or pick-ups. In the case of weekend deliveries or pick-ups, the invoice will be emailed out on the following work day.

  3. When is the latest I can put a weekend order through?

    Calhoun’s requires that all weekend orders be placed before 2:00 pm on Thursdays.

  4. Is there a minimum order for weekends?

    There is no minimum order for pick-up orders at Calhoun’s. However, for deliveries to be made, Calhoun’s require a minimum order purchase of $200 on Saturday’s, and $1000 on Sunday’s.

  5. What are the delivery fees?

    Weekdays 4:00 AM – 6:00 PM = $13.00
    Weekdays 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM and ALL Weekends = $18.00

  6. How should I plan my delivery time?

    Calhoun’s suggests that the food should arrive 15 minutes prior to the event’s start time. Also, it is important to note that there is a 30-minute delivery time frame for all delivery orders. For example, if the event starts at 12:00 noon, the delivery time will be slotted for 11:15 AM – 11:45 AM.

    In order to facilitate accurate deliveries, please remember to specify any room or floor numbers in the delivery address section. All weekend orders require a cell phone contact number.

    We strongly believe that punctuality is very important for the success of all events. In regards to our delivery times, 98% of all our deliveries are on time, with a minimal 2% of deliveries within a 5-minute delay (usually due to traffic conditions beyond our control).

  7. What do I need to do in regards to food allergies?

    All web orders have a comment section where you can list the allergies. In addition, we advise that you call our Catering department at 604-737-7062 or email us at to confirm that staff members are aware of the allergy alert.

  8. Are deposits required?

    Yes, there will be a 20% deposit charge for any orders over $1,000. If you need to cancel your order, we must receive the cancellation notice 48 business hours before the event date, otherwise the 20% deposit will be nonrefundable, but can be applied to your next order.

  9. Does Calhoun’s Catering provide staff for our events?

    Yes, Calhoun’s Catering provide serving and bartending staff members. There is a minimum 4-hours booking for all required staff. In addition, we require a 1 week minimum notice for events that require such services. Please call our Catering office at 604-737-7062 or email us at for pricing information.

  10. When should I expect the Catering equipment to be picked up?

    Calhoun’s has a 24-hour window for pick up of all equipment, with the exception of weekends. If the pick up location differs from the delivery location, please indicate this information to us in advance.

    Also, please do not throw out anything as all of our equipment is recyclable, and charges will be applied for missing items. This includes our plastic trays, bowls, plates, etc.

  11. Are there extra charges for cutleries, paper plates, coffee cups, cream & sugar, etc?

    No, Calhoun’s will provide you with everything you need to enjoy your meal free of charge. All our disposable items are biodegradable or recyclable. We also provide serving utensils and chafers for hot items for no extra charge (the serving items will be picked up within a 24-hour time-frame).

    *Note: If you wish to order silverware or glassware, we are able to provide that service for an extra charge. Please call our office at 604-737-7062, or email us at for more information