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Terms & Conditions

  1. Delivery Services:

    The Calhoun's Catering vans are out before the sun rises. Situated nearby the Olympic Village, we are ideally located to serve the Downtown, UBC and VGH areas.

    Our friendly and professional drivers are ready to serve you. Whether it's sandwiches or hot entrees, they will set up your order with all the necessary disposable plates, napkins and service utensils.

    Calhoun's has a 24-hour window for pick up of all equipment, with the exception of weekends. If the pick up location differs from the delivery location, please indicate this information to us in advance.

    Also, please do not throw out anything as all of our equipment is recyclable, and charges will be applied for missing items. This includes our plastic trays, bowls, plates, etc.

    There is no minimum order for pick-up orders at Calhoun's. However, for deliveries to be made, Calhoun's require a minimum order purchase of $50 from Monday to Friday (6am to 6pm), $200.00 for Saturday and $1000.00 for Sunday. There is a minimum order of $1000 after 6:00 PM on weekends. We do NOT deliver after 9:00 PM but you can always come for a pick-up

  2. The delivery charges are as below:

    Weekdays 5:00 AM - 6:00 PM = $13.00
    Weekdays 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM = $18.00
    Weekends 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM = $18.00

  3. Accepted payment methods:

    Calhoun's Catering Ltd. offers many options for our customers to make payment for their purchases. Calhoun's accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards, cash or Checks/Money Orders.

    Please make all personal checks and money orders payable to Calhoun's Catering Ltd. For quick processing, please print your order info and include it with your payment. You can mail both the payment and the order info to us at:

    Calhoun's Catering Ltd.
    99 East 4th Ave
    Vancouver BC Canada
    V5T 1E9

    tel: 604.731.7062
    tel: 604.737.7062

  4. Cancellation Policy:

    We require a deposit of 20% for any order over $1000. If for any reason you need to cancel your order, please be aware that 48 hours notice must be provided to cancel any such order. If appropriate notice is not provided, your deposit will not be refunded.